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Quantification of Sub-Pixel Dynamics in High-Speed Neutron Imaging...

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Journal of Imaging
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The high penetration depth of neutrons through many metals and other common materials makes neutron imaging an attractive method for non-destructively probing the internal structure and dynamics of objects or systems that may not be accessible by conventional means, such as X-ray or optical imaging. While neutron imaging has been demonstrated to achieve a spatial resolution below 10 μm and temporal resolution below 10 μs, the relatively low flux of neutron sources and the limitations of existing neutron detectors have, until now, dictated that these cannot be achieved simultaneously, which substantially restricts the applicability of neutron imaging to many fields of research that could otherwise benefit from its unique capabilities. In this work, we present an attenuation modeling approach to the quantification of sub-pixel dynamics in cyclic ensemble neutron image sequences of an automotive gasoline direct injector at a 5 μs time scale with a spatial noise floor in the order of 5 μm.