Controlling optics for the Dilution Refrigerator CFM microscope

Claire E Marvinney

Staff Scientist

Claire Marvinney is an early career staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Quantum Information Science Section where she currently develops squeezed light sources for continuous-variable quantum sensing experiments investigating methods for detecting signatures of quantum materials and undiscovered particles such as dark matter.  This includes integrating these light sources with cryogenic systems.  Her research interests also include the use of continuous variable optics for quantum computing applications and she works as a coordinator of the Quantum Computing User Program at ORNL. She first joined ORNL in 2018 as an Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellow, where she worked on the development of a millikelvin optical microscopy system in order to study quantum materials at cryogenic temperatures.  Her PhD is in Interdisciplinary Materials Science from Vanderbilt University and her BS is in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

*Your Science in a Nutshell Competition, Winner, ORNL Competition for early career researchers, 2022

*Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellowship, Fellowship conducted at ORNL, 2018-2021