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Angular-Momentum Transfer Mediated by a Vibronic-Bound-State

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Advanced Science
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The notion that phonons can carry pseudo-angular momentum has many major consequences, including topologically protected phonon chirality, Berry curvature of phonon band structure, and the phonon Hall effect. When a phonon is resonantly coupled to an orbital state split by its crystal field environment, a so-called vibronic bound state forms. Here, a vibronic bound state is observed in NaYbSe2, a quantum spin liquid candidate. In addition, field and polarization dependent Raman microscopy is used to probe an angular momentum transfer of ΔJz = ±ℏ between phonons and the crystalline electric field mediated by the vibronic bound stat. This angular momentum transfer between electronic and lattice subsystems provides new pathways for selective optical addressability of phononic angular momentum via electronic ancillary states.