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Quantum Enhanced Probes of Magnetic Circular Dichroism

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Advanced Quantum Technologies
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Magneto-optical microscopies, including optical measurements of magnetic circular dichroism, are increasingly ubiquitous tools for probing spin-orbit coupling, charge-carrier g-factors, and chiral excitations in matter, but the minimum detectable signal in classical magnetic circular dichroism measurements is fundamentally limited by the shot-noise limit of the optical readout field. Here, a two-mode squeezed light source is used to improve the minimum detectable signal in magnetic circular dichroism measurements by 3 decibels compared with state-of-the-art classical measurements, even with relatively lossy samples like terbium gallium garnet. These results provide a framework for new quantum-enhanced magneto-optical microscopies that are particularly critical for environmentally sensitive materials and for low temperature measurements where increased optical power can introduce unacceptable thermal perturbations.