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Statistical Estimation of Strain Using Spatial Correlation Functions...

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Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation
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Ex-situ estimation of strains from deformed micrographs is not possible as there are no persistent features which can be tracked. Two point spatial statistics enable the rigorous quantification of spatial patterns in heterogeneous media. In this paper, we propose a novel method for estimating strains directly from dissimilar micrographs using a continuum mechanics approach. Rather than operating directly on images from sequential frames, as is done in digital image correlation, we operate on different microstructure realizations. This is made possible by comparing the spatial autocorrelation maps of deformed and undeformed micrographs rather than direct comparison of images. A Bayesian framework is proposed for quantifying uncertainty. We first illustrate the efficacy of this method on speckle pattern images from digital image correlation experiments. Then, we demonstrate that the method is capable of operating on dissimilar micrographs using deformed synthetic binary microstructures. Finally, we present a case study on polycrystalline additively manufactured 316L deformed via tension. The proposed method works well and we discuss implications and limitations of the presented work.