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Stacking Faults and Short‐Range Magnetic Correlations in Single Crystal Y 5 Ru 2 O 12 : A Structure with Ru +4.5 One‐Dime...

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Physica Status Solidi B
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The synthesis, structure, and physical properties of Y5Ru2O12, a new member of the Ln5B2O12 class (Ln = lanthanide, B = Ru, Re, Mo) are reported. Single crystals of Y5Ru2O12 are synthesized using a high‐temperature, high‐pressure (700 °C, 200 MPa) hydrothermal method. The structure features edge‐sharing RuORu 1D chains of distorted RuO6 octahedra. The YOn (n = 6 and 7) polyhedral groups bridge RuORu chains across the unit cell by forming a complex 3D structure. The RuORu chains contain alternating shorter and longer RuRu distances along the chain. Single crystal neutron diffraction shows streak‐like diffuse scattering along the H‐direction, due to stacking faults. Temperature‐dependent anisotropic magnetic measurements reveal a broad feature over a wide temperature range, with a maximum at ≈70 K indicating potential short‐range ordering, with canted antiferromagnetic behavior below 30 K. The dominant magnetic interactions are antiferromagnetic with a large negative Weiss temperature θ ≈ −200 K. The compound has an effective magnetic moment that is anomalously large for this class of compounds (≈4 μB Ru−1), and a phenomenological spin Hamiltonian describing the unusual anisotropic magnetization of Y5Ru2O12 is proposed.