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Stability of the interorbital-hopping mechanism for ferromagnetism in multi-orbital Hubbard models...

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Communications Physics
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The emergence of insulating ferromagnetic phase in iron oxychalcogenide chain system has been recently argued to be originated by interorbital hopping mechanism. However, the practical conditions for the stability of such mechanism still prevents the observation of ferromagnetic in many materials. Here, we study the stability range of such ferromagnetic phase under modifications in the crystal fields and electronic correlation strength, constructing a theoretical phase diagram. We find a rich emergence of phases, including a ferromagnetic Mott insulator, a ferromagnetic orbital-selective Mott phase, together with antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic metallic states. We characterize the stability of the ferromagnetic regime in both the Mott insulator and the ferromagnetic orbital-selective Mott phase forms. We identify a large stability range in the phase diagram at both intermediate and strong electronic correlations, demonstrating the capability of the interorbital hopping mechanism in stabilizing ferromagnetic insulators. Our results may enable additional design strategies to expand the relatively small family of known ferromagnetic insulators.