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Sister Rod Destructive Examinations (FY20) Appendix I: SNF Aerosols Released During Rod Fracture...

by Rosemary A Montgomery, Yadukrishnan Sasikumar, Tamara J Keever, Vineet Kumar
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ORNL Report
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As a part of the DOE NE High Burnup Spent Fuel Data Project, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is performing destructive examinations (DEs) of high burnup (HBU) (>45 GWd/MTU) spent nuclear fuel (SNF) rods from the North Anna Nuclear Power Station operated by Dominion Energy. The SNF rods, called sister rods or sibling rods, are all HBU and include four different kinds of fuel rod cladding: standard Zircaloy-4 (Zirc-4), low-tin Zirc-4, ZIRLO, and M5. This report documents the status of the ORNL Phase 1 DE activities related to the collection of SNF aerosol particles released during fuel rod fracture in four-point bending in Phase 1 of the sister rod test program.