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Shutdown dose rate analysis with the Shift Monte Carlo radiation transport code and modular verification workflow

by Jin Whan Bae, Bor Kos, Elliott D Biondo
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Fusion Engineering and Design
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Calculation of the shutdown dose rate is crucial for safe fusion reactor operations. The Rigorous-two-step (R2S) method is a method that requires connected neutron transport, activation, and gamma transport. Shift has integrated variance reduction with a deterministic solver Denovo, supports multiple geometry formats, and is scalable. These features make it an attractive transport solver choice for an R2S workflow. An R2S workflow for the Shift Monte Carlo code is developed and compared to the existing Oak Ridge National Laboratory Shutdown Dose Rate Code Suite (ORCS) workflow. Also, a Python framework for integrating two R2S workflows is developed to mix and match each step in the R2S workflow for improved collaboration and verification experience. Results show that the Shift-Denovo R2S workflow and the ORCS workflow calculate the shutdown dose rate of the ITER Shutdown Dose Rate benchmark problem with an average relative error of 2.285%.