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Renewable Integration in Hybrid ac-dc Systems using Multi-port Autonomous Reconfigurable Solar power plant (MARS)...

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IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
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To increase inertia and improve primary frequency response of future grids, grid-forming inverters connecting PV to grid and energy storage systems (ESSs) are likely to play an important role. Moreover, high-voltage direct current (HVdc) links will also be an enabler to transfer remote PV generation and for improved grid stability. That is, with increased penetration of PV, discrete development of PV and ESS connecting to transmission ac grid and HVdc links is one of the solutions for stable operation of grid. In this paper, an integrated concept for integration of PV and ESS to transmission ac grid and HVdc links is proposed that is named as multi-port autonomous reconfigurable solar power plant (MARS). The proposed integrated development reduces the cost associated with respect to discrete development of PV-ESS systems connecting to transmission ac grid and HVdc links. The integrated development incorporates advanced control methods to provide inertial and primary frequency response, reactive power support, and transient stability to manage PV and ESS resources. In this paper, high-fidelity switched system model of the integrated system and grids are developed and detailed simulation results are provided to showcase the stable operation of the integrated system and provision of grid support functions.