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Real-Space Local Dynamics of Molten Inorganic Salts Using Van Hove Correlation Function...

Publication Type
Journal Name
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
5956 to 5962

Molten inorganic salts are attracting resurgent attention because of their unique physicochemical properties, making them promising media for next-generation concentrating solar power systems and molten salt reactors. The dynamics of these highly disordered ionic media is largely studied by theoretical simulations, while the robust experimental techniques capable of observing local dynamics are not well-developed. To provide fundamental insights into the atomic-scale transport properties of molten salts, we report the real-space dynamics of molten magnesium chloride at high temperatures employing the Van Hove correlation function obtained by inelastic neutron scattering. Our results directly depict the distance-dependent dynamics of a molten salt on the picosecond time scale. This study demonstrates the capability of the developed approach to describe the locally correlated- and self-dynamics in molten salts, significantly improving our understanding of the interplay between microscopic structural parameters and their dynamics that ultimately control physical properties of condensed matter in extreme environments.