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Reaction-bond composite synthesis of SiC-TiB2 by spark plasma sintering/field-assisted sintering technology (SPS/FAST)...

by Corson L Cramer, Jacob W Mcmurray, Michael J Lance, Richard A Lowden
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of the European Ceramic Society
Publication Date
Page Numbers
988 to 995

High-density SiC-TiB2 composites were fabricated using the displacement reaction spark plasma sintering/field-assisted sintering technology (SPS/FAST) and SiC, B4C, TiC, and Si powders. The reaction process was performed in a narrow time frame compared hot pressing. The SiC-TiB2 composites were sintered with precursor SiC at various pressures to determine the effects of processing with SPS/FAST. The composites completed synthesis during SPS/FAST processing, which occurs more quickly than hot pressing. SEM, STEM, and Raman spectroscopy are used to show the conversion and microstructure. The composite of 53.6 wt.% SiC and 46.4 wt.% TiB2 has 99 % theoretical density, hardness of 26.4 GPa, and fracture toughness of 5.12 MPa m1/2.