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Pressurized Tube Creep Testing of Graded Transition Joints (GTJ) for G91 and 347H Base Metals...

by Hong Wang, Jeremy L Moser, Edgar Lara-curzio, Peeyush Nandwana
Publication Type
ORNL Report
Publication Date

This report briefly describes part of the research activities dedicated to a DOE FE project, graded transition joints (GTJ) development for G91 and 347H steels. The task was focused on pressurized tube creep testing on the 3D-printed GTJ materials.
A specimen with reduced gage section is developed that includes G91, GTJ, and 347H subsections. A tapered GTJ subsection is introduced to address the technical challenge of mechanical testing with mismatched rupture times of the base metals. The report provides the descriptions of basic considerations, specimen preparation, testing system, and experimental results along with main findings.