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Hong Wang

R & D Staff

Hong Wang is a Staff Member in MP&M Group, Materials Science and Technology Division. He received his PhD. in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics in 2001 from Michigan Technological University. He holds a B.E. in Hydraulic & Hydroelectric Engineering, M.E. & DE in Geotechnical Engineering all from Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering (WUHEE), China. Before becoming a staff member at ORNL in 2011, he was a Research Assist. Prof. of MSE at UT-Knoxville, Post-doctoral Research Associate with ORAU/ ORNL, and Post-doctoral Research Fellow at The Johns Hopkins University. He once was a visiting scholar at The University of Arizona, and a staff member at WUHEE, China.

His current research areas include mechanical properties of materials at high levels of pressurization, temperature, irradiation, electric field, strain-rate loading, rock mechanics, piezoceramic device testing and characterization, and structural health monitoring, ASME code case development for advanced alloys, and material removal mechanics in grinding and wear.