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Post-irradiation examinations of annular mixed oxide fuels with average burnup 4 and 5% FIMA...

by Fabiola Cappia, Masato Kato, K. Mcclellan, Jason M Harp
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Journal of Nuclear Materials
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We present post-irradiation examination results on two type of annular mixed oxide fuel pins irradiated in the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) sodium cooled reactor to an average burnup between 4% and 5% fission of initial heavy atom (FIMA). The pins differed only from the initial Pu content, which was 22 wt% and 26 wt%, respectively. The overall performance of the pins was excellent, in line with previous historical results. The pins with higher Pu content experienced higher irradiation temperatures which influenced the fission gas release, fuel swelling, and Cs distribution compared to the other pins. All the post-irradiation examinations results are discussed against the irradiation parameters. In particular, the pins with higher initial Pu content, i.e., 26 wt%, experienced higher power that resulted in enhanced fission gas release compared to the other two pins with 22 wt% initial Pu content. For the pins with higher fission gas release, onset of Cs redistribution was observed. The two pins that had lower initial Pu content and burnup showed a Cs axial distribution similar to the as-produced one.