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Opening twisted polymer chains for simultaneously high printability and battery fast-charge...

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Energy Storage Materials
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42 to 54

Fast-charging is key to the widespread adoption of battery-based electric vehicles. However, improving fast-charging through architecture optimization is expensive. To reduce costs and expand to commercialization, we applied roll-to-roll screen printing technology to create channels and decrease the tortuosity of electrodes. For the first time, this work successfully opened twisted polymer chains within high-solid-content inks to improve their screen printability and battery performance of as-printed electrodes. With LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 as active materials, the 60% solid content ink presents superior screen printability after opening the twisted binder chains. As-printed electrode exhibits 33% higher charge capacity at 6 C than printed electrode with chains twisted ink at mass loading of 6.5 mg/cm2. Furthermore, coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations are performed to study the underlying mechanism systematically. The new ink preparation procedure provides a scalable, effective strategy for manufacturing screen-printable battery ink and promotes screen-printed electrode technology.