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One-Pot Process in Scalable Bath for Water-Dispersed ZnS Nanocrystals with the Tailored Size

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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
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Well-dispersed ZnS nanocrystals with tailored size in aqueous solutions were synthesized by employing cysteine-sulfur (Cys-S) complexes with low molecular weight in a scalable anoxic vessel.High yield production of water-dispersed ZnS nanocrystals on a 10-L scale was demonstrated in an aqueous solution process. The average crystallite size of ZnS was controlled by changing the ratio of the cysteine to sulfide in the applied Cys-S complexes. A decrease in the crystallite size of ZnSlikely resulted in both the blue shift of peak positions and the relative variation of peak intensities in the photoluminescence properties. Additionally, the pH-dependent stability against aggregation of ZnS nanocrystals was investigated to reduce agglomeration.