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Model-based predictive control of multi-zone commercial building with a lumped building modelling approach...

by Jaewan Joe, Piljae Im, Borui Cui, Jin Dong
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125494 to 13

This study investigates the applicability of a lumped building modeling approach to model-based predictive control (MPC) to alleviate the complex modeling process of the grey-box multi-zone building model. Based on experimental data, two building models were estimated in this study. The detailed model as a reference case and a lumped model were estimated with decentralized and conventional approaches, respectively. Then, simulations were performed with two boundary conditions, including the comfort bound and electricity cost structure. The performances of the MPC with the detailed and lumped models were analyzed compared to the feedback control. More savings was achieved with a larger comfort bound and more aggressive electricity cost structure. The savings potential of the proposed lumped model approach was not as high as that of the detailed model. However, the proposed method yields good control performance, whose savings was approximately 8.6% over that of feedback control. These results suggest that the proposed method can be used to facilitate MPC implementation in multi-zone building applications.