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Liquid metal compatibility of pre-oxidized FeCrAl in flowing Sn

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Fusion Engineering and Design
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A flowing Sn thermal convection loop (TCL) experiment was conducted in FeCrAlMo (Kanthal alloy APMT) tubing for 1000 h with a peak temperature of 400 °C. Oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) Fe-(10–12)Cr-6Al and APMT specimens were exposed and all were pre-oxidized to form an external alumina scale. Unlike static exposures at 400° and 500 °C where pre-oxidation prevented dissolution, large mass losses were observed in the TCL hot leg after the specimens were cleaned in Li. The observed pitting suggests that localized failure of the pre-formed alumina surface oxide caused significant metal loss. Specimen mass gains were not observed on the cold leg implying that mass transfer did not occur and the small levels of Fe and Cr in the Sn after the experiment implies that Sn-rich phases may have formed. Post exposure room temperature tensile testing showed limited impact of the Sn exposure on the 12Cr ODS FeCrAl alloy, comparable to a 1000 h anneal in Ar at 400 °C. These results suggest that pre-oxidation is not sufficient to protect FeCrAl alloys in contact with flowing liquid Sn at 350°-400 °C.