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Yi Feng Su


2020-Present: Technical Staff Member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2010-2020: Analytical TEM Lab Support Scientist, Florida State University
2008-2010: Senior Engineer, Kennametal Inc.
2003-2008: Research Associate, Stevens Institute of Technology
1999-2002: Graduate Research Assistant, Stevens Institute of Technology

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2003 

2004    W.Y. Lee, Y.-F. Su, L.M. He, and J.D. Meyer, "Method for Preparing Alpha-Al2O3 Nanotemplates," U.S. Patent 6,808,760
2007    W.Y. Lee, Y.-F. Su, L.M. He, and J.D. Meyer, "Alpha Al2O3 Nanotemplates," U.S. Patent 7,238,420