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Integration of the Full Tokamak Reference Model with the Complex Model for ITER Neutronic Analysis...

by Jinan Yang, Stephen C Wilson, Scott W Mosher, Georgeta Radulescu
Publication Type
Journal Name
Fusion Science and Technology
Publication Date
Page Numbers
277 to 287

The ITER International Organization has developed a number of reference Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) models including the tokamak machine C-model, the Tokamak Complex model, and the neutral beam injection (NBI) systems model. The Tokamak Complex model primarily describes building structures beyond the bioshield. Representation of the tokamak and its systems are not included in this model. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Radiation Transport Group has conducted two ITER neutronic analysis model integrations: (1) integration of the tokamak C-model with the Tokamak Complex model for shutdown dose rate characterization in Port Cell 16 at level B1, and (2) integration of the NBI model with the Tokamak Complex model for estimating the spatial distribution of biological dose rate at levels L1, L2, and L3 of the Tokamak Complex. The integrated models were further extended to include models of system components that are essential to the neutronic analyses. This paper presents the approach and computer tools used to integrate existing reference models, describes the additional design details implemented in the integrated models, and provides representative neutronic calculations based on the extended models.