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Improved Desi-ms Performance Using Edge Sampling and Arotational Sample Stage

by Vilmos Kertesz, Gary J Van Berkel
Publication Type
Journal Name
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
3846 to 3850

The position of the surface to be analyzed relative to the sampling orifice or
capillary into the mass spectrometer has been known to dramatically affect the
observed signal levels in desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (DESIMS). In analyses of sample spots on planar surfaces, DESI-MS signal intensities as much as five times greater were routinely observed when the bottom of the sampling capillary was appropriately positioned beneath the surface plane (�edge sampling") compared to when the capillary just touched the surface. To take advantage of the optimum "edge sampling" geometry and to maximize the number of samples that could be analyzed in this configuration, a rotational sample stage was integrated into a typical DESI-MS setup. The rapid quantitative determination of caffeine in two diet sport drinks (Diet Turbo Tea, Speed Stack Grape) spiked with an isotopically labeled internal standard demonstrated the utility of this approach.