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Immunity Study: Port Impedance Measurement of PMU and PCI testing under EMP

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
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1 to 9

With the increased requirements of real-time grid monitoring, disturbance location, and situation awareness, Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) have become more critical for the Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS). However, the vulnerability of PMUs has not been well studied, especially under electromagnetic pulse (EMP) scenarios. The stable operation of the power system will be affected directly once EMP damages them. Therefore, studying their immunity to EMP events is urgent and necessary. In this paper, the effective impedance measurement scheme and pulsed current injection (PCI) testing are proposed for the port impedance measurement and immunity levels of PMUs. The equivalent non-uniform transmission line model is established to eliminate the impact of the fixture in the de-embedding process. Then, the circuit of the pulsed current generator is set to generate a damping sinusoid, and the double exponential wave is applied to the port. Finally, using measured impedance as a generator load, the voltage and current responses of different ports are calculated in the PCI testing simulation. Results reveal the characteristics of port impedance, waveforms of voltage and current, and distribution of accumulative energy. The relation between port impedance and the waveforms is discussed.