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Hierarchical excitations from correlated spin tetrahedra on the breathing pyrochlore lattice...

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Physical Review B
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The hierarchy of the coupling strengths in a physical system often engenders an effective model at low energies where the decoupled high-energy modes are integrated out. Here, using neutron scattering, we show that the spin excitations in the breathing pyrochlore lattice compound CuInCr4S8 are hierarchical and can be approximated by an effective model of correlated tetrahedra at low energies. At higher energies, intratetrahedron excitations together with strong magnon-phonon couplings are observed, which suggests the possible role of the lattice degree of freedom in stabilizing the spin tetrahedra. Our work illustrates the spin dynamics in CuInCr4S8 and demonstrates a general effective-cluster approach to understand the dynamics on the breathing-type lattices.