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Heat Flux Analysis From IR Imaging on Proto-MPEX...

Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
3152 to 3159

The Prototype Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (Proto-MPEX) is a linear device used to develop the source and heating concept for MPEX, an experiment to study plasma–material interactions for future fusion reactors. This article will highlight recent analysis and results on Proto-MPEX using an infrared (IR) camera, a key tool for imaging heat fluxes measured at the material target. The target heat fluxes are crucial to understanding the source and heating concepts. The recent analysis includes the application of homography and 3-D finite-element methods to provide between-shot measurements of the 2-D target heat flux profile. The IR camera inferred heat flux is shown to correlate with Langmuir probe inferred heat fluxes for a range of parameters in helicon only and helicon + electron cyclotron heated discharges. Results show both desirable central and undesirable edge heat flux for helicon source and electron heating on the target. These heat flux measurements are shown to be important for better understanding of the source and heating physics.