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Engineering a Self-Grown TiO2/Ti-MOF Heterojunction with Selectively Anchored High-Density Pt Single-Atomic Cocatalysts for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution

Publication Type
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition
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1 to 9

A photocatalyst TiO2/Ti-BPDC-Pt is developed with a self-grown TiO2/Ti-metal–organic framework (MOF) heterojunction, i.e., TiO2/Ti-BPDC, and selectively anchored high-density Pt single-atomic cocatalysts on Ti-BPDC for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. This intimate heterojunction, growing from the surface pyrolytic reconstruction of Ti-BPDC, works in a direct Z-scheme, efficiently separating electrons and holes. Pt is selectively anchored on Ti-BPDC by ligands and is found in the form of single atoms with loading up to 1.8 wt %. The selective location of Pt is the electron-enriched domain of the heterojunction, which further enhances the utilization of the separated electrons. This tailored TiO2/Ti-BPDC-Pt shows a significantly enhanced activity of 12.4 mmol g−1 h−1 compared to other TiO2- or MOF-based catalysts. The structure-activity relationship further proves the balance of two simultaneously exposed domains of heterojunctions is critical to fulfilling this kind of catalyst.