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Effect of humidity of build chamber in hybrid manufacturing systems on part performance...

by Rangasayee Kannan, Thomas A Feldhausen, Kyle S Saleeby, Peeyush Nandwana
Publication Type
Journal Name
Manufacturing Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
39 to 43

Hybrid manufacturing combines additive with subtractive machining operations which often require the use of a coolant, that can increase the humidity of the build chamber. The water vapor can be adsorbed on the powder surfaces and subsequently dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen during melting and can be absorbed by part during solidification. Here, we investigated the effect of build chamber humidity during hybrid manufacturing on the part quality on two most common classes of steels i.e., austenitic (316L) and ferritic (grade 91). We report that the humidity increase has a negligible effect on part performance of both classes of steels.