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A Directional Detector Response Function for Anisotropic Detectors...

by Cihangir Celik, Douglas E Peplow, Gregory G Davidson, Mathew W Swinney
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Nuclear Science and Engineering
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For a radiation detector that is not isotropic, a directional detector response is needed to accurately account for the variation in a detector’s behavior depending on the incoming particle direction. The concept of the detector response function has been extended to include particle direction using a set of pregenerated detector responses based on the orientation of the incoming radiation and the detector. This directional detector response function (DDRF) then can be applied to the flux and current tallies computed by a Monte Carlo simulation. Validation of the new approach has been done by comparing simulated count rates processed with the DDRF to measured count rates taken with a 5.08 × 10.16 × 40.64-cm NaI(Tl) detector. The comparisons show that the applied method produces good agreement with both background and source measurements with a 137Cs source. Furthermore, separation of the detector response generation from Monte Carlo particle transport calculations provides greater flexibility in locating single or multiple detectors without any interference in the model and also enables simulation of various models using the same detector response without the need for generating additional detector responses if the same detector is being used.