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Determination of β-decay feeding patterns of 88Rb and 88Kr using the Modular Total Absorption Spectrometer at ORNL HRIBF...

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Physical Review C
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Precise determination of ground-state feeding in the β decay of fission products is an important but challenging component in modeling reactor antineutrino flux and reactor decay heat. The Modular Total Absorption Spectrometer (MTAS) is a versatile NaI(Tl) detector array that determines the true β-decay pattern free from the pandemonium effect, including precise ground-state feeding intensities. In this paper, we report MTAS results of the β feeding intensities of 88Rb and 88Kr, fission products with large cumulative yields in nuclear reactors. By comparing MTAS results with previous measurements, 88Rb provides a validation of MTAS's ability to determine ground-state feedings in β decays, while the precision of 88Kr ground-state feeding is improved when compared with the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF). The investigation of sources that contribute to β feeding branching uncertainties in MTAS experiments is discussed in detail. Lastly, the deconvolution of 88Rb decay spectra suggests that MTAS can distinguish an allowed β spectral shape from a first forbidden unique β spectral shape.