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Density Measurements of Various Molten Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Uranium Chloride Salt Compositions Using Neutron Ima...

Publication Type
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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
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17665 to 17673

With an increased interest in the use of molten salts for energy generation, obtaining thermophysical properties of salt mixtures becomes critical for the understanding of salt performance and behavior. Density is one of the significant thermophysical properties of salt systems. This work presents the density measurement of molten chloride salt mixtures using neutron imaging. This work was performed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory High-Flux Isotope Reactor. Resulting densities as a function of temperature for different molten chloride salts from this work were compared with calculated values using Redlich–Kister modeling. Agreement between the calculated and measured values was within 1–10%, with the exception of the ternary UCl3–NaCl–KCl salt that showed a 32% discrepancy between several literature reports; however, the results did align well with another neutron radiography article. Analysis of the radiographs suggests that microbubbles in the ternary mixture might have biased the density measurements.