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Corrosion characteristics of monolithic SiC materials in beryllium-bearing molten fluoride salt

by Takaaki Koyanagi, Yoonjo J Lee, James R Keiser, Hanns A Gietl, Yutai Kato
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Corrosion Science
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Chemical vapor deposited SiC single crystal and polycrystals were exposed to a static beryllium-bearing molten fluoride salt, 2LiF–BeF2 for 500 and 1000 h at 750 °C. Overall, the single crystal and polycrystalline SiC materials experienced slight weight loss and nominal surface etching regardless of the material type. Localized pitting and nonuniform Si removal from surface regions were associated with trace metal impurities and oxygen. Cross-sectional observation revealed minimal subsurface changes in the microstructure. The corrosion damage processes were similar to those reported for molten LiF–KF–NaF salt with trace impurities, indicating that the impurities significantly affect SiC corrosion.