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Chemical Control of Magnetism in the Kagome Metal CoSn1 – xInx: Magnetic Order from Nonmagnetic Substitutions...

Publication Type
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Chemistry of Materials
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7069 to 7077

As a two-dimensional structural motif, the kagome net produces many interesting magnetic and electronic properties. In particular, this lattice produces flat electronic bands with a large density of states. When the chemical potential is positioned within these flat bands, electronic instabilities can result. For the kagome metal CoSn, this alignment is not realized, the flat bands are completely filled, and the compound is a Pauli paramagnet. We have grown crystals and powders of CoSn1 – xInx and shown that replacing Sn with In moves the chemical potential into the flat band region, as expected from simple electron counting. This is supported by band structure calculations, heat capacity measurements, and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. The increased density of states results in the emergence of antiferromagnetic order evidenced by magnetic susceptibility, Mössbauer spectroscopy, and neutron diffraction data. The Néel temperature reaches a maximum of 32 K. The emergence of magnetic order when introducing a nonmagnetic element into a nonmagnetic kagome metal is striking. This work provides clear evidence that flat bands arising from electronically frustrated lattices in bulk crystals provide a new and powerful way to realize correlated ground states controlled by crystal chemistry.