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Application Experiences on a GPU-Accelerated Arm-based HPC Testbed

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
Proceedings of the HPC Asia 2023 Workshops
Publication Date
Page Numbers
35 to 49
Publisher Location
New York, United States of America
Conference Name
HPC ASIA 2023: International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region Workshops
Conference Location
Singapore, Singapore
Conference Sponsor
Singapore National Supercomputing Center
Conference Date

This paper assesses and reports the experience of ten teams working to port, validate, and benchmark several High Performance Computing applications on a novel GPU-accelerated Arm testbed system. The testbed consists of eight NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit systems, each one equipped with a server-class Arm CPU from Ampere Computing and two data center GPUs from NVIDIA Corp. The systems are connected together using InfiniBand interconnect. The selected applications and mini-apps are written using several programming languages and use multiple accelerator-based programming models for GPUs such as CUDA, OpenACC, and OpenMP offloading. Working on application porting requires a robust and easy-to-access programming environment, including a variety of compilers and optimized scientific libraries. The goal of this work is to evaluate platform readiness and assess the effort required from developers to deploy well-established scientific workloads on current and future generation Arm-based GPU-accelerated HPC systems. The reported case studies demonstrate that the current level of maturity and diversity of software and tools is already adequate for large-scale production deployments.