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Additively Manufactured NdFeB Polyphenylene Sulfide Halbach Magnets to Generate Variable Magnetic Fields for Neutron Reflecto...

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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
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245 to 254

Halbach arrays are the most efficient closed structures for generating directed magnetic fields and gradients, and are widely used in various electric machines. We utilized fused deposition modeling-based Big Area Additive Manufacturing technology to print customized, compensated concentric Halbach array rings, using polyphenylene sulfide-bonded NdFeB permanent magnets for polarized neutron reflectometry. The Halbach rings could generate a 0 ≤ B ≤ 0.30 T field, while preserving 90% polarization of an axial neutron beam. Polarized neutron beams are used to study a wide range of structural and magnetic phenomena spanning physics, chemistry, and biology. In this study, we demonstrate the effectiveness of additive manufacturing for producing prototype Halbach arrays, characterize their magnetic properties, and generated magnetic fields, and discuss the conservation of neutron beam polarization as a function of magnetic field.