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A 50-kW Bidirectional Step-up / Step-down DC/DC Oak Ridge Converter for Wireless Charger Applications...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)
Publication Date
Page Numbers
469 to 473
Conference Name
IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)
Conference Location
Houston, Texas, United States of America
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Conference Date

This study presents a novel bidirectional concept by using Oak Ridge Converter (ORC) for wireless energy conversion (WEC) technologies such as wireless electric vehicle (EV) chargers, wireless mobile or energy storage systems (MESS / ESS), etc. The presented system can be deployed in a bidirectional wireless power transfer (WPT) structure for different input voltages by using two different operating frequencies. The proposed concept here achieves zero voltage switching (ZVS) in during step-up and step-down configurations. The system overall theoretical design and experimental test results are presented for 50 kW power transfer in both bidirectional operations modes. The laboratory demonstration of the system is presented for the three-phase bidirectional system with 6 inches of airgap between the coils and output of 560 VDC with 95.4% dc-to-dc efficiency.