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2021 GeoAI Workshop Report: The Trillion Pixel Challenge...

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ORNL Report
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The convergence of geospatial big data with advancements from artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and high-performance computing continues to revolutionize mapping and analysis of EarthâA˘ Z´ s surface in unprecedented detail. Rapid innovations in sensing technologies will soon collect geospatial data in even higher resolution and throughput. These developments offer the potential for breakthroughs in science, policy, and national security via end-to-end GeoAI systems that can provide fresh insights into how humans occupy and alter their environment over time.
At the 2021 GeoAI Trillion Pixel workshop, international subject matter experts from government, academia, industry, and nonprofit organizations gathered virtually to discuss the Trillion Pixel GeoAI Challenge. The event focused on six major themes currently influencing scientific innovation and breakthroughs. Particular focus was paid to societal impacts. As an additional takeaway message, the gathering identified remaining application gaps and challenges that are in need of stronger community partnerships and collaborations.