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Nuclear Experiments and Irradiation Testing

The Nuclear Experiments and Irradiation Testing group combines leading edge thermal, fluid, and structural analysis methods with sophisticated experimental techniques to develop effective solutions to customer problems. The group provides unique experience performing a wide variety of thermal hydraulic analyses including computational fluid dynamics analysis, transient systems and safety analysis, severe accident analysis, thermal/structural analysis, etc. Group expertise is applied to solve the most challenging thermal hydraulic problems and complex irradiation experiment designs. The group also improves and customizes legacy codes and develops new software when needed to support sponsors’ requirements.

The group also operates three experimental laboratories. Extensive infrastructure and expertise is available in the Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory to experimentally investigate a variety of thermal and fluid phenomena and evaluate hydraulic component performance.  Irradiation experiment fabrication resources in the Capsule Assembly Laboratory are used to build and assemble irradiation and isotope production capsules, while the Materials Irradiation Facility located at the High Flux Isotope Reactor provides state-of-the art instrumentation and control  support for instrumented irradiation experiments.


We deliver outstanding solutions to challenging fluid, heat transfer and irradiation engineering problems in nuclear systems by leveraging our unique integration of design, simulation, fabrication and experimentation. 


Use a combination of sophisticated analysis and experimental techniques tos solve the most complex nuclear thermal/fluid problems.

Major Sponsors:

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy

DOE Office of Basic Energy Science 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Private Companies


The Nuclear Experiments and Irradiation Testing Group (NEIT), along with ORNL, is a partner with the Nuclear Science User Facility (NSUF) to provide irradiation and post-irradiation examination of nuclear fuels and materials. Watch this short video to see how the NEIT Group can help you accomplish your NSUF-funded research.