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Nuclear Analytical Chemistry and Isotopics Laboratories

The Nuclear Analytical Chemistry and Isotopics Laboratories (NACIL) group is a specialized nuclear analytical organization.  The group’s expertise is in the development and advancement of cutting edge measurement methodologies for elemental and isotopic characterizations in environmental and nuclear matrices. High-precision elemental and isotopic determinations mainly using mass spectrometry and high level radiochemical counting techniques are performed.

The group possesses unique expertise in the analytical chemistry of the lanthanide and actinide elements as well as the preparation and separation chemistries required for analytical characterizations in a wide variety of nuclear sample matrices. The NACIL’s unique laboratory capabilities allow for the handling of samples containing curie levels of radioactivity down to preparations requiring cleanroom spaces for ultra-trace determinations. 

The group provides leadership for a number of DOE sponsoring agencies’ analytical laboratory needs and works closely with those organizations to advance future technologies and analytical methods to support nuclear research, isotope production, and non-proliferation and safeguards.

Funding sponsors for the group are primarily, the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Agency and Sponsored Research Projects including local, federal, and international agencies.


Applications of Analytical Chemistry for Detailed Characterizations of Nuclear Matrices for Fuels Cycle R&D and Nuclear Security


Section Head
Joseph M Giaquinto