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Publications in 2019



Insight into the Mechanisms Driving the Self-Assembly of Functional Interfaces: Moving from Lipids to Charged Amphiphilic Oligomers

Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society

December, 2019


Laser Capture Microdissection–liquid Vortex Capture Mass Spectrometry Metabolic Profiling of Single Onion Epidermis and Microalgae Cells

Journal: Methods in Molecular Biology

September, 2019


Energetics at the Surface: Direct Optical Mapping of Core and Surface Electronic Structure In CdSe Quantum Dots Using Broadband Electronic Sum Frequency Generation Microspectroscopy

Journal: Nano Letters

August, 2019


Structural Correlations Tailor Conductive Properties In Polymerized Ionic Liquids

Journal: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

June, 2019


Adsorption Mechanism of Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid Onto Bastnäsite: Fundamental Steps Toward Rational Collector Design for Rare Earth Elements

Journal: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

June, 2019


Rapid, Untargeted Chemical Profiling of Single Cells In Their Native Environment

Journal: Analytical Chemistry

April, 2019


A New Approach to Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy Using Near Infrared Pulse Shaping

Journal: Review of Scientific Instruments

March, 2019


Spatial Profiling of Stapled α–helical Peptide ATSP-7041 In Mouse Whole-body Thin Tissue Sections Using Droplet-based Liquid Microjunction Surface Sampling-HPLC-ESI–MS/MS

Journal: International Journal of Mass Spectrometry

March, 2019


On the Origin of Spatially Dependent Electronic Excited-state Dynamics In Mixed Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films

Journal: Lithuanian Journal of Physics

January, 2019


CO2 Capture Via Crystalline Hydrogen-bonded Bicarbonate Dimers

Journal: Chem

January, 2019


Proteogenomics Reveals Novel Reductive Dehalogenases and Methyltransferases Expressed During Anaerobic Dichloromethane Metabolism

Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

January, 2019


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