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2018 FLC Award

ORNL Image
Kevin T. Clarno, Robert E. Grove, Matthew A. Jessee, Robert A. Lefebvre, Bradley T. Rearden, Timothy E. Valentine, William A. Wielselquist

ORNL's SCALE 6.2 team has earned a 2018 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award from the Southeast Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC). The award recognizes employees of FLC Southeast Region member laboratories and non-laboratory staff "who have accomplished outstanding work in the process of transferring federally developed technology." The SCALE and RSICC teams were recognized for Technology Transfer, Southeast Region with a 2018 Excellence in Technology Transfer award for Licensing SCALE 6.2: A Software Package for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design with 4,000 distributions of SCALE 6.2 to 42 nations over the two years since it was released.