Kevin T Clarno

Distinguished R&D Staff; Group Leader, Reactor Physics

Dr. Kevin T. Clarno has been employed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) since 2004, and is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, as a Joint Faculty in the Nuclear Engineering Department. Dr. Clarno is the Interim Director of the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs [Light-Water Reactors] (, which includes directing the research, development, and application of coupled fluid-dynamics, structural mechanics, conjugate heat transfer, and radiation transport for the modeling of commercial nuclear reactors.  Dr. Clarno recently served as the lead of the Modernization Team of the SCALE nuclear analysis code suite (, which is transforming a legacy nuclear analysis software package with thousands of users throughout the world to enable advanced algorithms on modern computing platforms.

Dr. Clarno has served as the Principal Investigator for several major ORNL Laboratory-Directed Research and Development (LDRD) and DOE projects, including the development of the a multi-institutional team developing the AMP Nuclear Fuel Performance code built upon a flexible scientific computing foundation for high-performance computing architectures, high-performance computing radiation (Boltzmann) transport codes for nuclear reactor simulation (Denovo) and the integration of the NESTLE core simulator with the SCALE nuclear analysis code system. Dr. Clarno maintains a focus on mentoring the next generation of researchers; he has advised more than 25 students and post-degree researchers. He has served on eight M.S. or Ph.D. committees at four universities and has co-instructed several courses at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Clarno is actively involved in both nuclear fuel and reactor analysis and the development and improvement in ORNL nuclear analysis software using C++ and Fortran. Dr. Clarno has published more than 70 manuscripts in journals, conference proceedings, and technical reports, spanning diverse areas of nuclear science and engineering including cross section processing, isotopic depletion, fuel performance, reactor analysis, thermal-hydraulics, used fuel disposition, and thermo-chemistry.


International Awards    

ORNL Laboratory Awards    

  • Laboratory Awards Night     
  • Significant Event Awards (SEAs)  
    • VERA-CS Performance Improvements (2016)        

    • Fukishima Analysis Support (2011)        

    • Coupling fuel performance and reactor physics (2010) 

  • Division-level Awards     
    • Nuclear Science and Technology Division (NSTD) Technical Excellence (2006)        
    • NSTD Technical Excellence (2005)        

University Awards    

  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion [Rickover] Fellow (2002–2004)    
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operations [INPO] Fellow (2000–2001)    
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training [NANT] Scholar (2000–2001)    
  • Texas A&M University Regents Fellow (1999–2000)

Undergraduate Athletic Awards    

  • Academic All-American [New England Region] (1997)    
  • All-Conference [NEFC] Football (1997-1998)    
  • MIT Varsity Football Letterman (1995-1998)    
  • MIT Varsity Lacross Letterman (1998-1999)