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INDEPTH Development for Environmental Sampling Analysis

Topics: Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Security Science and Technology

Problem Statement

Deliver a version of the Inverse Depletion Theory (INDEPTH) code suitable for analyzing environmental sampling data.

Technical Approach

•The current environmental sampling analysis relies on the use of expert knowledge to manually identify the best match of predicted data to measured data.
•INDEPTH uses mesh- and gradient-based searches to automatically find the irradiation history and fuel design parameters that best match measured data.
•The final version of the code will have a robust, easy-to-use graphical user interface and will be thoroughly validated using a set of realistic scenarios and measured data.


The modified version of INDEPTH would help analysts characterize nuclear material and verify its origin with greater speed and confidence. This will allow them to reconstruct reactor operating histories using environmental sampling data..

Project Details

Principle Investigator
Funding Source
Department of Energy (DOE)