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Verifying Safeguards Declarations with INDEPTH: A Sensitivity Study

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A series of ORIGEN calculations were used to simulate the irradiation and decay of a number of spent fuel assemblies. These simulations focused on variations in the irradiation history that achieved the same terminal burnup through a different set of cycle histories. Simulated NDA measurements were generated for each test case from the ORIGEN data. These simulated measurement types included relative gammas, absolute gammas, absolute gammas plus neutrons, and concentrations of a set of six isotopes commonly measured by NDA. The INDEPTH code was used to reconstruct the initial enrichment, cooling time, and burnup for each irradiation using each simulated measurement type. The results were then compared to the initial ORIGEN inputs to quantify the size of the errors induced by the variations in cycle histories. Errors were compared based on the underlying changes to the cycle history, as well as the data types used for the reconstructions.