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Diversity Initiatives

Diversity events and observances

An important part of diversity is providing activities that promote cultural understanding and awareness. There are a broad array of events on the ORNL campus to enhance our understanding of one another. Speakers, cultural entertainment and food sampling are among the offerings available throughout the year. Though they may focus on aspects within a particular culture or community, the events are designed to reach the entire workforce. Through these events we are able to see the common threads running through our many cultures.

Diversity training

All supervisors and managers receive Equal Employment Opportunity, affirmative action, workforce diversity and sexual harassment training. Participants learn about legal and statutory requirements, review ORNL's diversity policies/goals, gain understanding of how diversity and inclusion contribute to a more productive work environment, and understand the responsibilities of a supervisor or manager.

Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups are an important part of ORNL's culture. They are organized by employees, provide a chance to meet people with shared interests, foster involvement, provide support groups, and raise awareness of such topics as single parenting, ethnic celebrations, living with chronic conditions, veterans' issues, and early career challenges.

Multicultural Friendship Club

The Multicultural Friendship Club (MFC) is dedicated to promoting better understanding and appreciation of the many nationalities and cultures that co-exist within ORNL's community. The MFC provides its members with educational, cultural and social experiences and activities including group activities, outings to local sites of interest, and participation in area events, all in an effort to build multicultural friendships.

Workforce development

Educational and training programs are offered to attract, develop, reward, and retain an outstanding, diverse workforce through onsite customized training classes, as well as external training courses. Employees can take advantage of a variety of training options to increase their knowledge and skills for career development. Learning and Development Services offers a variety of tools and programs to enhance training, including Manager Boot Camp, mentoring programs, online tools, and educational assistance.

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