Who We Are

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LABORATORY DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we welcome staff from many disciplines, backgrounds, and nations. Their diversity provides a decisive advantage in exploring new frontiers. Science advances most quickly when the only limit is the quality of one’s ideas; ideas are sharpened and strengthened when they are subjected to the scrutiny of smart people who bring a variety of perspectives to the process of scientific discovery. One of the hallmarks of this Laboratory is its ability to create multidisciplinary teams of researchers, from different backgrounds and with different values, to focus our resources on developing solutions to compelling problems. This approach is reflected in our commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace and to attracting, developing, and retaining a talented, motivated, and diverse workforce.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diversity is valued so that individuals and teams will be inspired to contribute fully to the Laboratory's success. We will strive to be recognized by our employees and the community as an employer of choice.

Our diversity efforts support the Laboratory's mission to do "world-class science" by providing a pipeline of qualified, diverse candidates, and by recommending policies and procedures that ensure:

  • equitable treatment and opportunities for all employees
  • an environment free from harassment
  • and respect for individual differences

To support the Laboratory's ongoing commitment to be a global leader in science and technology, we are committed to an inclusive environment where:

  • individual differences are respected and valued
  • diverse opinions and viewpoints are sought for collaboration
  • attraction and retention of a diverse workforce is a priority
  • reaching our individual potential is integral to achieving business objectives
  • staff are recognized and rewarded for supporting diversity key principles
  • our leaders are advocates of and role models for diversity

Why diversity?

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's ability to achieve and maintain a competitive workforce in a rapidly changing business and political environment is greatly influenced by our ability to plan and forecast workforce needs and promote diversity. Effective workforce planning is critical to the Laboratory's ability to address growth and attrition, as well as short- and long-term skill needs. Maintaining an inclusive environment is a business imperative that focuses on the people in our entire work environment (internal and external) and how to maximize the unique talents of individuals, teams, and business partners to deliver quality products and services for our customers.