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Environmental Policy

The laboratory's environmental policy is to:

  • Provide and continually improve research, services, products, and management systems of the highest quality consistent with the needs, expectations, risk tolerance, and resources of our customers.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace by developing and implementing work processes and equipment that abate hazards, operating in a manner that protects and restores the environment, and integrating sustainability (including pollution prevention) into planning and decision-making.
  • Comply with applicable requirements for performing work and work-related activities on and off site, including requirements in the ORNL’s Standards-Based Management System.
  • Systematically integrate environmental, safety, health, quality, and physical and cyber security principles into management and work practices at all levels.
  • Maintain a positive, proactive, and constructive relationship with the community (including environmental justice aspects and intentional engagement of disadvantaged communities), regulators, DOE, and our other stakeholders.
  • Communicate appropriate environmental management system information to staff, subcontractors, customers, and other stakeholders.