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Technology Summary

Technologies are described for autonomously collecting and analyzing layer-wise imaging data; providing remote monitoring and process intervention capabilities; tracking metadata and part information; producing advanced visualizations of both the underlying in-situ data and Augmented Intelligence analysis results; and enabling identification of correlations between in-situ data and process parameters or ex-situ measurements.  Relying on image data or sensing modalities that can be converted into image data, the code allows for: (1) various steps of pre-processing of the data (registration, distortion correction, etc), (2) annotation of training datasets, (3) processing of data inline or offline, (4) creating 3D rendering of the defect map, and (5) implementation of corrective actions if allowed by the manufacturing platform.


Vincent C Paquit
Electrical & Electronics Systems Research Division

Licensing Contact

Eugene R Cochran
(865) 576-2830