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Versatile Remediation Module for On-site Remote Repair of Radioactive Waste Canisters

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Technology Summary

Spent fuel stainless steel canisters are being relied upon for longer time periods than initially envisioned (projections show that by 2025 more than 3,000 canisters will have been installed in the U.S. and eventually over 10,000 canisters will be required by 2050). These canisters are susceptible to aging mechanisms and are vulnerable to physical degradation. If an issue is identified on a canister, e.g., stress corrosion cracking, further examination and/or remediation to establish the continued efficacy of the “suspect” spent fuel canister will be required. The invention delivers remediation tools to any point on the canister wall and enable on-site remote remediation solutions for canister remediation.


Stylianos Chatzidakis
Reactor & Nuclear Systems Division

Licensing Contact

Eugene R Cochran
(865) 576-2830