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A Lectin-Like Receptor Kinase Leads to Enhanced Mycorrhization in Plants

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Technology Summary

The lectin-like receptor kinase’s primary application will be enhancement of interaction between beneficial microbes and economically important crop plants for increased biomass production, efficient acquisition of water and nutrients in marginal agricultural lands. In addition, this gene can be used in highly specific detection of certain microbes in environmental applications. The gene can also be used as a molecular sensor for simple or complex carbohydrates. DNA sequence information of this gene can be used as a molecular marker for screening plant germplasm for ability to facilitate colonization by beneficial microbes and species identification.


Gerald Tuskan
Biosciences Division
Jessy Labbe
Biosciences Division
Jin-Gui Chen
Biosciences Division
Lee E Gunter
Biosciences Division
Sara S Jawdy
Biosciences Division
Wellington Muchero
Biosciences Division
Xiaohan Yang
Biosciences Division

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