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BESC - Scenario Driven Data Modelling

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Technology Summary

In Scenario Driven Data Modeling a Semantic Model is created. Data feeds are matched to the model in near real time, and when the model matches the data in the stream, an alert is generated that allows humans to query the model and a stored version of the data that matched the model. The high level steps of SDDM are as follows: Step 1: A scenario is selected for refinement; Step 2: Create first iteration of RDF multi-relational directed graph; Step 3: Identify and convert to RDF those resources required by the scenario but absent in the Semantic Web; Step 4: Identify data feeds; Step 5: Identify analytical routines for comparing information in the data stream to the concepts outlined in the scenario; Step 6: Based on the scenario and the resulting MRDG, identify the data outputs that meet the decision support needs of the end user and define queries to produce those outputs


Daniel J Quest
Biosciences Division
Robert W Cottingham
Biosciences Division
Biosciences Division

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(865) 574-4180